So far, so good

Well, I now have braces on both my wrists. The good bit is that my hands didn't fall asleep last night. The bad bit is that it takes me twice as long to do anything now, since I can't bend my wrists. The real test will be if I can knit. I'm going to give it another day or so before I try, since the longer my wrists have been stable the better the chances are that the inflammation will have gone down. Cross your fingers for me that all is good.

On a completely different subject, I spent way too much on my fish tank yesterday. It's a freshwater planted tank, and for the longest time I've had this hunk of bogwood with Java Fern growing on it that has started to look like hell. I finally got fed up with all the brown algae I couldn't clean off of it yesterday and went to get a new piece of wood from the Fish Store. I was only intending to buy one piece, but of course I found a second smaller one that was perfect. $50 later, I have two great knobby pieces of wood, a few more plants, and a tank I actually love. An added bonus is that the fish seem to love it just as much. They now swim everywhere, rather than sticking to the most heavily planted parts, and the pair of Siamese Algae Eaters I have were either chasing each other around and around the tank or resting on the big piece of wood. I've still got some bare spaces that need plants, so as soon as I get those filled in, I'll post some pictures.



It figures. I've been breezing through this pregnancy so far, I knew I couldn't make it all nine months like that. Why oh why did it have to be carpal tunnel? I can't even begin to say how annoying it is to have my fingers tingling for most of the day, let alone my hands falling asleep at night. And you know what the worst part of it is? I can't knit!!! I have yet to find a way to hold my work where I don't start losing circulation in my hands.

So here I am, just under two months to go and my hands are in a state where I can barely spend any time at the computer or knitting. I bloody well hope that my doctor has something I can do for this when I see her on Monday or I may go insane before the baby gets here.