And the verdict is...

Well, the braces seem to have stabilized my wrists. The only lingering effects are a light numbness in the tips of my first two fingers and a bit in my thumbs. And yes, I can knit again. Slowly, and not for long, but it's better than nothing. So now I have four weeks or less to finish the sweater I want this little girl to come home in. I only have a few dozen rows left, so it is possible, even with me only able to knit two in any one sitting. I will get this done!

Of course, I get one issue dealt with and manage to create a new one at the same time. I was down at Pacific Raceways this weekend for the vintage races, and both Paul and I forgot the sunblock. He only got a little burnt (mostly brown actually), but I ended up with a nasty burn across my chest. The comical part is that you can tell I got most of it on the way home since I have a white line bisecting the red where the seatbelt was. That's the only problem with convertibles, you need to wear sunblock everywhere you go. On the bright side, now I've got tons of sympathy from Paul, since he feels terrible about forgetting the sunblock and letting his pregnant wife get burnt. I tried pointing out that I forgot it too, but that seems to be beside the point to him.

Now it is time to make some chocolate pudding. I've got some to die for Belgian chocolate that is destined for this.