Above and beyond

I've always heard of the amazing generosity of knitters. Hell, I'm a knitter and I'd like to think I'm at least fairly generous. I never truly expected to be on the receiving end of such generosity though. So needless to say, today's mail held quite the surprise for me.

First off, a little background is needed. Earlier this week Lorette put out a call for help. She needed a bit of Kid Silk Haze to fix a hole in a shawl. I had a little ball of the right color languishing in my stash from a scarf I made a while back, so I decided to send it her way. She offered to dive into her stash for a bit of something to send my way in thanks. Granted, this was not really necessary, but I seem to be singularly incapable of saying no to yarn.

When I opened the package I recieved today, my jaw nearly hit the floor. Here's what was inside:

Not only was there a good sized ball of Beaverslide, but two skeins of Shepherd Sock in Icehouse! Seriously, she had me with the Beaverslide, it's so soft and cushy. Those two extra skeins just make me feel like I won the yarn lotto.

I already have plans for all of it. The pink will be perfect for a hat for the little miss, and the Lorna's is screaming out to become Pomatomus. I've been wanting to make those socks for a while, but none of the yarns in my stash seemed suitable. They are now third in line in my sock queue, after the purple and green yarn from Scout and some gorgeous yarn I just got from Hello Yarn. I'll say more about that one when I get around to taking some pictures of it.

Now I think I'll go squeeze that ball of Beaverslide again. It's just so squishy, I can't resist.


Sleep is for the weak

Sick babies suck. Sick babies who don't want to sleep suck royally. And of course, all this happens on my birthday. It's a damn good thing she's so cute.

I think I'll just go fall over now.