Mama's been a bad, bad girl

What have I done now, you ask? Oh, nothing... nothing except put my name in the lottery for round II of Scout's Indie Swag Club... and get in!!! Yes, you heard right. I have six full months of gorgeous hand painted sock yarn coming my way. And then there's the super cool indie swag, like an exclusive pattern from Cookie. It doesn't get much better than that.

*does a little dance of joy*

I still can hardly believe it. There were only 34 six month spots, so I really didn't think I had a snowball's chance in hell of getting one of them. This completely and utterly makes up for spending my anniversary weekend home alone with a teething baby, while my husband was in Portland racing.

Ok, enough blathering about that. I really did more than hover about the computer and sooth a cranky baby this weekend. Actually, I was rather productive today. The little bug was being fussy, so I decided the both of us needed some time out of the house. An hour or so at Swanson's later, I had enough plants to fill all the pots I got last fall. Paul was home by then, so I actually got some time to get them all planted. I now have a very welcoming front porch. See...

I always forget how satisfying playing in the dirt is. Just a few minutes with my plants does more for my mood than anything else, even knitting. Yes, plants trump yarn, but then I'm a botanist, at least by education.

So I have Paul home, new plants, yarn, and a sleeping baby. The only thing that will make this even better is a nice cup of tea.

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Duchess said...

the plants look beautiful, enjoy your tea!