Lessons learned

Never, ever leave a baby in close proximity to a kitty toy with only the supervision of a half-asleep adult. Especially if the toy has feathers... non-colorfast dyed feathers. This is the sight that my husband came fully awake to today:

No picture really does justice to the state she was in. Every exposed part of the baby was blue. The inside of her mouth was blue. The comforter, her jammies... you name it, it was blue. She will undoubtedly be pooping blue feathers for days. *sigh*

I did pass the uptight mommy test with flying colors though. My first response to the sight of her was to burst out laughing. Honestly, what else can you do when faced with a child who has essentially dyed herself, and everything around her, blue? A madly grinning child, no less. I can only hope that I react as well to everything else she has in store. It's bound to be interesting.


Daphne said...

Oh but she is SO CUTE, blue or pink or purple. What a great smile!

theresa said...

You should see her smile and giggle combination. It's dangerous. I don't even want to consider the things she's going to be able to get away with because of it.